History of the 10th

The Regiment was raised in Hertfordshire and surrounding counties by Brigadier Humphrey Gore in 1715, as the Tenth Regiment of Dragoons. This was in response to the Jacobite Rising. Mounts were to be no more than fifteen hands high. The Regiment never saw action against the Jacobites.

Law and revenue enforcement was the Regiment’s duty at home for the next 30 years. Pay for a Private was 1s 9p per day less the cost of food.

History Timeline

History Timeline




Sep 1815

In March the Regiment surpresses Corn Law Riots in London. In April Napoleon lands at Ostend on his return to France. The Tenth join the 6th Hussar Brigade under the Earl of Uxbridge, serving under Brigade Commander Sir Vivian Hussey. 16th June cover retreat from Quatre Bras to Waterloo. 18th June Battle of Waterloo. Cover extreme left of Army. Colonel Quetin shot in the foot; command passes to Lord Robert Manners. Regiment withheld until the evening when ordered to charge. Put French Curasseurs to flight and Napoleon’s elite Imperial Guard are routed. Instilled general panic in French ranks. Moved to Paris

Sep 1816

In January the Tenth move to Brighton. Used for revenue enforcement form Hastings to Worthing. Later part of the Tenth moved to the West Country for tax enforcement.

Sep 1819

Move to Scotland for two years. George III dies and Prince of Wales becomes George IV. Lord Stewart becomes Colonel.

Sep 1821

Return to Hounslow. Present at the Coronation of George IV. Return to Brighton.

Sep 1822

Move to Ireland; Cahir and Dublin. Here the Regiment is christened “The Shiny Tenth”.

Sep 1824

Colonel Sir George Quintin retires. Lt.-Colonel Henry Wyndham is appointed as his successor. ( One of the Elegant Extracts.)

Sep 1825

The Tenth returns to England and is posted to the West Country.

Sep 1826

The Regiment moves to Northampton. 2 squadrons sent to Spain for two years.

Sep 1829

The Tenth move to Leeds

Sep 1830

King George IV dies and is succeeded by William VI. All favouritism for the Tenth Hussars ends. All Hussars are now dressed alike.

Sep 1831

The Tenth move to Dublin

Sep 1836

The Regiment moves to Scotland

Sep 1837

Regiment moves to Yorkshire. King William IV dies and Queen Victoria is crowned. The Tenth act as Royal Escort at the Coronation followed by a move to the West Country.

Sep 1840

Move to Northampton

Sep 1841

The Tenth move to Dublin.

Sep 1842

Move to Ballingcollig and Cahir. Colonel Wyndham retires and is replaced by Major General the Hon. Beauchamp Lygon.

Sep 1845

Move to York.

Sep 1846

Posted to India for the first time. Strength increased from six to nine troops. Arrived in India on the 8th May and spent the next eight years at Kirkee near Poona.

Sep 1855

Leave Kirkee and shipped to Cairo and marched across land to Alexandria and shipped to Balaclava, Crimea, arriving on the 17th April after 109 days travel.The Tenth were involved in no great battles but used extrensively for reconnaisance and skirmishes.

Sep 1856

Leave Crimea and arrive home in May and June, having left the horses with the Turkish Government. Awarded Sevastopol Medal. Regiment reduced to 6 troops. Colonel Wilkie retires and Colonel Valentine Baker appointed.