Farewell and Au Revoir

“Goodbye and Good Luck” boys, we said as we parted,
From the comrades we’ve soldiered with, six years or more,
Not one who did not feel just a lttle downhearted,
At leaving “D” Squadron, and the splendid old Corps.
‘Tis true we’re no credited with feeling soft or soulful,
Though there’s many a sad regret, as you will find.
In the most callous Tommy, and he’s often very doleful,
When he’s leaving his cheery and true old pals behind.
The final scene is at the Pindi Station,
Goodbye, good luck once again we shout.
The engine’s whistle’s heard, very few betray elation;
Another rush, hands clasped, and slowly we steam out.
‘Tis a tiring, dusty and a weary journey, in the train,
But the port of famed Karachi reached at last.
Our Indian trecks are now upon the wain,
For our streach of foreign service boys has passed.
We embark on the good ship yelept “Rohilla”,
Twenty-eighth of the third, nineteen twelve.
On the twenty-ninth the helmsman takes the tiller,
No more on India’s stand we’ll dig or delve,
Farewell malaria, sands and sweat,
Mosquitos, fever, ague, the ills we long time bore.
Ye land of bakhshish paisa, and never out of debt,
Farewell ye tumam muik, from Calcutta to Lahore,
We ’ye had good times and bad, in those few dreary years,
Of our exile across the raging main.
We ‘ye often said “roll on my eight” the prospect always cheers,
We may (I don’t think) volunteer to travel back again.
Forget our pals of “D” we never shall,
Of the dear Old Tenth we’ll e’er be fond and proud.
In Belati, not in Pindi’s sultry mall,
We hope soon to meet the good old crowd.
We wish on voyage to Bloemfontein, S.A.,
To colonel Barnes, his N.C.O.s and all his Tenth Hussars.
We shall see them in our thoughts, drawn up in proud array,
Doing credit to their fame, as gallant sons of Mars.
To the troupe of X.R.H. who at song and dance excel,
I send a special wish; to Captain Gibb as well.
On Swadling, Black and Company, may even good luck fall, and ninteen-twelve bring health and fame, and fortune to you all.

H. Arnold, “D” Squadron, Karachi
29th March 1912 on leaving Rawal Pindi