The Eton Boating Song.
1x amended edition of a song, written some twenty
years ago, or more, by Allan Arthur and Hugh
R. Pease . One verse is taken from ” Poems
by H.R .B.” who has kindly given permission for its
reproduction in the X.R.H. Gazette . </p

Polo’s the game we’re proud of,
The best by far and away,
We’ll gallop, gallop, gallop,
At Polo for ever and aye.
We’ll ride, ride together
At Polo till old and lame,
We’ll gallop, gallop, gallop,
‘Tis the best and the grandest game.
Chorus .—Polo’ s the game, etc.

Some men succumb to woman,
And others adore their wine,
And some are slaves to dancing,
But what is their sport to mine ?
Polo is played by Sportsmen
Of a totally different school
From those who follow lawn-tennis
And otherwise play the fool .

The sharp and the skilful turn,
The ever-quickening stride,
The smash and clash of the sticks,
The rush of the furious ride ;
The cheer when the ball is il, I’v en
With a steady hand and eye,
Have a maddening wild delight,
That can never grow old, or die .

Passing others like lightning,
A clinker between our knees,
What can be more like heaven
When sailing along as we please
We carry the ball to the front,
And drive it between the flags
As we gallop, gallop, gallop,
Hurrah! for the men and the nags.
Chorus, —Polo’s the game, etc.

And when long years arc past,
And muscle and nerve are gone,
And we sigh for the good old days
When we were young and strong.
Then memory’ll cheer our hearts,
And brighten life’s flickering flames,
As we fill our bowls to the brim,
And drink to THE BEST OF GAMES . “