History of the 10th

The Regiment was raised in Hertfordshire and surrounding counties by Brigadier Humphrey Gore in 1715, as the Tenth Regiment of Dragoons. This was in response to the Jacobite Rising. Mounts were to be no more than fifteen hands high. The Regiment never saw action against the Jacobites.

Law and revenue enforcement was the Regiment’s duty at home for the next 30 years. Pay for a Private was 1s 9p per day less the cost of food.

History Timeline

History Timeline




Nov 1917

February move to Fressin. Lt.-Colonel J. P. Hardwick takes command. April 9th Division moves to Arras. Engage enemy at Orange Hill, village of Monchy-le-Preux taken but shellfire cause heavy casualties. 2 officers and 25 O.R. killed, 7 officers and 150 O.R. wounded.

Nov 1917

June Lt.-Colonel W. O. Gibbs takes command. Dismounted parties engage in line duties. Nov. and Dec. dismounted parties night patrolling after Battle of Cambrai.

Nov 1918

Feb. Rejoin 6th Cavalry Division. Move to Tertry. Night air attack 10 killed, 28 injured. March 23rd Amiens; successful action at Collezy under Viscount Ednam. Heavy fighting continues until April 4th. 1 officer and 9 O.R. killed, 7 officers and 61 O. R. wounded, 15 missing. April 7th Lt.-Colonel Whitmore takes command.

Nov 1918

August fight at Amiens, Arras, Drocourt and see more action at Honnechy. 5 officers wounded, 7 O.R. killed and 58 wounded. 106 horses lost. Move to Manancourt. Move to Konigshaven in December Lt.-Colonel Seymore takes command.

Nov 1919

May. Return to Canterbury

Nov 1920

April: Move to West Ireland. Escort duties for the State Opening of parliament in Northern Ireland by George V. Troop train derailed between Dublin and Belfast; 2 killed.

Nov 1921

Return to Canterbury

Nov 1923

Lt.-Colonel Malise Graham appointed commander

Nov 1924

Field Marshall Viscount Julian Byng appointed Colonel. Move to Aldershot.

Nov 1927

Move to Hounslow.

Nov 1928

Lt.-Colonel Greenwood appointed commander. Win Inter-regimental Polo tournament. Move to Cairo.

Nov 1930

Move to Meerut, India for what will be the last ever deployment to India.

Nov 1931

Lt.-Colonel Willoughby-Norris appointed too command.

Nov 1932

Move to Lucknow

Nov 1933

Win Inter-Regimental Polo Cup

Nov 1935

Lt–Colonel B. Hutchison appointed to command.

Nov 1936

Win Inter-Regimental Polo Cup. Return to England. Mechanisation begins. Colonel-in-Chief, George V dies. H.R.H. The Duke of Gloucester appointed.

Nov 1937

Tenth wins Inter-Regimental Polo Cup at Hurlingham.

Nov 1938

Regiment is equipped with 18 year old Mk IV light tanks in mechanization move.

Nov 1939

Colonel V. J. Greenwood succeeds Colonel Viscount Hampden as commander. When war is declared in September the Tenth have only one squadron with new cruiser tanks that is deployed to the B. E. F. Remaining squadrons posted to defense of East Coast, stationed at Newmarket.