History of the 10th

The Regiment was raised in Hertfordshire and surrounding counties by Brigadier Humphrey Gore in 1715, as the Tenth Regiment of Dragoons. This was in response to the Jacobite Rising. Mounts were to be no more than fifteen hands high. The Regiment never saw action against the Jacobites.

Law and revenue enforcement was the Regiment’s duty at home for the next 30 years. Pay for a Private was 1s 9p per day less the cost of food.

History Timeline

History Timeline




Sep 1858

Move to Aldershot. Colonel Baker introduces many new ideas in training and troop life. Move to York.

Sep 1863

16th April Albert Edward, Prince of Wales is gazzetted to command of the Tenth Hussars in place of Earl Beauchamp.

Sep 1865

Regiment moves to Aldershot.

Sep 1869

Hockey on Horseback. The first game of polo, introduced by the Tenth Hussars, is played at Hounslow Heath against the 9th Lancers. The Tenth wins.

Sep 1871

Return to Brighton, where the Regiment runs the first point-to-point race.

Sep 1872

Exercise in wiltshire. 30,000 troops take part. Colonel Valentine Baker’s policy of buying only blood horses proves a winning strategy.

Sep 1873

January sail on troopship Jumna to India. Colonel Baker retires. Lt-Colonel Molyneux takes over. Stationed at Muttra. Under R.A. tuition a very efficient artillary section is introduced.

Sep 1876

Acted as Guard of Honour to the Prince of Wales in Delhi. Colonel Molyneux retires. Replaced by Lt.-Colonel Lord Ralph Kerr.

Sep 1877

Attended Imperial Assembly at Delhi

Sep 1879

Moved to Rawal Pindi. First Regiment to enter Afghanistan after hostilities break out on November 19th under Major-General Roberts.

Sep 1879

Action at Matun under command of Bridagier General C. Gough V. C. November action at Ali Musjid. March 31st Kabul river Disaster when the Tenth lost one officer and 46 N.C.O.s and other ranks. Action at Fattehabad was decisive. Returned to Rawal Pindi. Regiment loose further 37 men to cholera in Kyber Pass.

Sep 1880

Regiment moves to Lucknow

Sep 1881

Lt.-Colonel A. Wood succeeds Colonel Ralph Kerr

Sep 1884

Embark at Bombay onto troopship Jumna for England. Diverts to Suakim in Sudan to join Pasha Baker and Egyptian Army for successful action at El Teb and Trinkatat. Continue to England. Posted to Shornecliffe. June 27th H.R.H. Prince of Wales presents Egypt Medals to Regiment. Colonel Wood replaced by Lt.-Colonel R. Liddell.

Sep 1885

Colonel Liddell introduces Nordenfeldt machine gun section to Regiment. Duke of Clarence, P.O.W.’s son, joined the Tenth Hussars

Sep 1887

Tenth Hussars take a leading roll in the Jubilee Celebrations for Queen Victoria. Colonel Liddell retires and replaced by Lt.-Colonel Viscount Downe.

Sep 1888

Regiment moves to York.

Sep 1889

The Prince of Wales barracks with the Tenth Hussars at York for three days. Reviews the Regiment on the Knavesmere.

Sep 1890

Detachment sent to North Wales to enforce tythe collection.

Sep 1891

Move to Curragh, and later Dublin, Ireland